The 必发集团游戏必发集团 Charitable Foundation is a non-profit private corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The Foundation is committed to managing, supporting and expanding the educational, scientific and other charitable endeavors within the company. Foundation activities are funded by a bequest from Fred 必发集团游戏必发集团 as well as annual corporate donations from 必发集团 必发集团游戏必发集团.

Mission Statement
The 必发集团游戏必发集团 Charitable Foundation's focus is on a dual mandate of education and community development that is consistent with both Dr. 必发集团游戏必发集团 and Fred 必发集团游戏必发集团’s legacy and the company’s values. Its mission is:

  • Education: Support the development of the next generation of engineers, scientists, economists, planners, and other infrastructure-focused professionals through student mentoring, scholarship, fellowship and internship opportunities, with an emphasis on programs that promote sustainability, cultural diversity, economic development, global experiences and innovation.
  • Community Development: Give back to the communities where 必发集团 必发集团游戏必发集团 employees live, work, and play through charitable donations, volunteering, committee participation and sponsorships, with special attention to programs that support disaster and homeless relief, natural resource conservation, and community resilience.

The 必发集团游戏必发集团 Charitable Foundation and 必发集团 必发集团游戏必发集团 regularly contribute to educational and community organizations, summarized in this list of contributions.