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December 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of 必发必发集团 必发必发集团游戏网址 as a consulting firm. Founded in 1953 by Dr. 必发必发集团 必发必发集团游戏网址, the company began with a dozen employees in a single office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Dr. 必发必发集团游戏网址 envisioned a company that could provide “every kind of engineering service in every corner of the world.” Today, 必发必发集团 必发必发集团游戏网址 is composed of approximately 6,000 engineers, planners, economists and scientists at more than 100 office locations in 57 countries worldwide.

The company has had the honor of supporting clients around the globe in overcoming some of their most complex engineering and development challenges, from building infrastructure in war-ravaged states and transitioning a new national currency program in the developing world to navigating post-disaster recovery requirements and resiliency planning when natural or man-made disasters strike.